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Fieldia australis

This is a small, semi-epiphytic plant, i.e. it is mostly found growing on mossy rocks, old tree trunks and, particularly, on treefern trunks. It can be identified by its soft, hairy leaves with coarsely toothed edges and a short leaf stalk. The leaves are opposite but one leaf of the pair is much larger than the other.

The flowers are long (3 cm), pale greenish-yellow bells which hang singly from the forks of the leaves. The fruit is a white egg-shaped berry with reddish spots.

Fieldia is found in more sheltered, undisturbed rainforest patches, because it must be moist at all times and cannot survive drying out.

It can be propagated from seeds, which are very small, or from cuttings.

Distribution: Cool, moist rainforests of Eastern Vic, NSW and Southeast Q1cl.