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Musk Daisy-bush

Olearia argophylla
Musk Daisy-Bush

The character that distinguishes the Musk Daisy-Bush is the silvery-white underside of the leaves and the distinct musk smell of the crushed leaves. It is a tall shrub or small tree, often with several small, pale grey trunks.

The leaves are alternate, dark-green above, quite large (7-14 cm long), with a pointed tip. Small teeth may often be felt by running a finger along the edge of the leaf.

In spring, the bush becomes covered with large clusters of small daisy flowers, which are creamy-white with yellow centres. By midsummer, the tiny, dry fruits with their circlet of hairs have been blown away by the wind.

Musk Daisy-Bush grows mostly on the edge of the rainforest and can be propagated from cuttings or more easily from seeds, which take 2-4 weeks to germinate. It is fast-growing under good conditions.

Distribution: Tas to Gosford (NSW).