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Anchor Vine

Palmeria scandens
Anchor Vine

This vigorous, woody climber has leaves 5-14 cm long, which are rough to the touch because of the presence of many small hairs.

The leaves are opposite, or nearly so, with edges that are smooth, or with low, rounded lobes. The tip of the leaf is sharply pointed and the lateral veins are almost at right angles to the midvein.

The male and female flowers are separate but they grow on the same plant, usually appearing in late winter. The fruit are green and round until they split wide open. The fleshy fruits inside are red but they turn to shiny black

The vine climbs upward with the help of backwardly directed shoots at the end of its long, new stems. These anchor-shaped shoots are the reason for its common name.

Anchor Vine can be grown from seed, which may take some months to germinate.

Distribution: Batemans Bay (NSW) to Northern Qld.