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Bearded Tylophora

Tylophora barbata
Bearded Tylophora

This is a small, twining plant with soft leaves which are not as glossy as most of the other local rainforest vines.

The leaves (up to 6 cm by 2.5 cm) are in opposite pairs, with quite long leaf stalks. The midvein is sunken on the upper surface and the tip of the leaf is a very fine, short point.

The clusters of small (5 mm across), purplish flowers, with their 5 waxy petals spread out like a star, are quite distinctive. There are small hairs on the petals, hence the name Bearded Tylophora.

The fruit is a pod, pointed at the tip, which splits to release seeds which have a tuft of hairs at one end. The plant can be grown from fresh seed, but fruit is rarely seen.

Bearded Tylophora is usually found twining around low shrubs or fallen branches. It occurs in moist eucalypt forest, as well as in rainforest.

Distribution: Eastern Vic to Bulahdelah (NSW).