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Broad-leaf Bramble

Rubus moloccanus var trilobus 
Broad-leaf Bramble

This prickly scrambler can be recognized by its broad, serrated, alternate leaves which have an elongated heart shape. The leaves are dark-green above but the underside is pale and covered in fine hairs with a rusty tinge. The midvein underneath is armed with small thorns. The leaf stalk is distinctly prickly and longer than half the leaf blade.

The flowers, with 5 broad petals, resemble those of the cultivated raspberry (Rubus idaeus) and may be pink or white. The fruit is a round, red raspberry, 1 cm or more across, which ripens in summer and is edible.

Broad-leaf Bramble can be propagated from cuttings or seed, which germinates in 1-2 months. The native raspberries do not lose their leaves in winter like those from the Northern Hemisphere.

Distribution: Eastern Victoria to Nth Qld.