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Five-leaf Water Vine

Cissus hypoglauca
Five-leaf Water Vine

This vine can be recognized by its alternate, compound leaves, each made up of 5 stalked leaflets coming from one point (like a hand). Each leaflet is rounded at the base, pointed at the tip, and the underside is bluish to ashgrey. The edges are either smooth, or with small teeth, especially in younger foliage. Young plants may have only 3 leaflets in each leaf.

The vine climbs by tendrils, which come off the stem opposite the leaves. The small, yellow flowers (4 nun across) occur in clusters in the summer. The globular, black berries (1.5 cm across) ripen in the autumn.

Under good conditions, Five-leaf Water Vine can be a tall, vigorous climber. It can be propagated either from cuttings or from fresh seed, which takes 1-2 months to germinate.

Distribution: Eastern Vic, NSW, to Bompa (Central Q1d).