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Rose-leaf Bramble

Rubus rosifolius
Rose-leaf Bramble

This is a scrambling, soft-leaved prickly shrub with alternate, compound leaves. Each leaf is made up of 2-3 pairs of toothed leaflets and a longer, terminal leaflet.

The leaflets are light-green, covered with fine hairs, and have very short stalks. There are prickles on the main leaf stalk and on the stems.

The white flowers have 5 broad, spreading petals and are about 3 cm across. They may be seen at most times of the year. The fruit is an elongate raspberry, narrowing to a rounded tip. It is quite edible, without much flavour, but the native birds like it.

Rose-leaf Bramble can be grown from cuttings, suckers or seeds, which germinate in 6-8 weeks. It often suckers but it doesn't climb.

Distribution: Eastern Vic to Nth Qld.