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White Supplejack

Ripogonum album
White Supplejack

This shrubby climber has leathery leaves, which are opposite or nearly so, and often occur in threes. The leaves are large, up to 12 cm long, and have a long vein on either side of the midvein (Another long vein may be visible right near the leaf edge). These veins all reach the end of the leaf. The leaves look rather similar to those of Smilax, but White Supplejack has no prickles on its young stems and, in Smilax, the leaves are alternate, and well spaced.

The leaf edges of White Supplejack are smooth and there is a fine point at the tip. The leaf stalk is short, has no tendrils, and is usually twisted. Old, larger branches can be quite prickly.

The greenish-white flowers occur in spikes in the forks of the leaves and the fruit, which is rarely seen, is a round, red berry. Seeds germinate in 2-4 months.

Distribution: Eastern Vic to Nth Qld, also New Guinea.